Madonna and Child with Saint Simon and Judas (La Virgen Di San Simóne)

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The painting Virgin and Child with Sts Simon and Jude (Madonna di San Simone) by Federico Fiori Barocci is a masterpiece of Italian Renaissance art from the 16th century. The painting shows the Virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus on her lap, while Saints Simon and Judas stand by her side.

The highlight of this painting is Barocci's ability to capture the softness and tenderness in the figure of the Madonna and Child. The composition is balanced and symmetrical, with the figure of the Virgin and child in the center and the saints on each side. The details in the clothing and accessories are exquisite, reflecting the artist's skill in the chiaroscuro technique.

The color of the painting is another aspect that draws attention. The soft, pastel tones of the Virgin and Child's clothing contrast with the dark, dramatic background. The saints, for their part, are dressed in brighter and more vivid colors, which gives them a more dynamic and energetic appearance.

The story behind this painting is interesting. It was commissioned by the Simonelli family in 1579 for the church of San Simone in Urbino, Italy. The painting was stolen in the 18th century and was not recovered until 1999, when it was found in a private collection in Switzerland.

A little known aspect of this painting is that Barocci used real models to create the figures of the Madonna and Child. The model for the Madonna is said to have been a woman from the Simonelli family, while the child was modeled by the artist's son.

In summary, the painting Virgin and Child with Sts Simon and Jude (Madonna di San Simone) by Federico Fiori Barocci is an exceptional work of art that demonstrates the artist's skill in chiaroscuro technique, composition, and use of color. The story behind the painting and the use of real models make this work even more fascinating.

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