They Tens Pillar IV

size(cm): 55x40
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The painting "Them Dozens Pillar IV" by Hilma Af Klint is a work of art that has captivated lovers of modern art since its creation in 1920. This work is one of the most representative of the artistic style of the Swedish artist, who was one of the pioneers of abstract art.

The composition of the painting is a mixture of geometric shapes and curved lines that intertwine in a dance of vibrant colors. The work is divided into three sections, each with its own palette of colors and patterns. The top section is an explosion of reds and oranges, while the middle section is a mix of blues and greens. The lower section is a combination of yellow and green tones.

The story behind the creation of this work is fascinating. Hilma Af Klint was a spiritualist artist who believed in the existence of an invisible world. She believed that her art was a way of communicating with this world and that her paintings were a kind of map of the universe. "They Decenas Pilar IV" is one of the works that was inspired by his spiritual experiences.

One of the most interesting aspects of this work is that it was created long before abstract art became mainstream. Hilma Af Klint began creating her abstract paintings in 1906, long before artists like Kandinsky and Mondrian began experimenting with this style.

Another little-known aspect of this work is that it was created as part of a series of paintings that were supposed to be displayed in a spiritual temple that was never built. The series is called "The Big Ten" and consists of ten paintings depicting different aspects of the universe.

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