10 Pinturas Para Regalar En Navidad

Every year around this time we start the usual debate:

What good gifts can we give for Christmas?

For this Christmas, Kuadros chose 10 paintings that, due to their special nature and artistic beauty, they will help make this celebration unique and special for your loved ones.

A painting is a gift that lasts forever.

No. 1. Pandora - John William Waterhouse


Pandora is one of our favorite paintings at Kuadros. Something in her evokes interesting emotions and sensations. In this painting beauty is united together with the forbidden. The radiant colors of the box and the secrets it keeps invite us to unveil its deep mysteries. The beauty of the maiden and her delicate blue cloth make us part of her world, as if it were our own. And the water that runs in a natural background serves as an earthly theater for the mischievousness of curiosity. It is a moving and expectant scene at the same time, frozen in time to the delight of our retinas. This gift will be well-received by all genders and ages, as it pleases both men and women and children.

This Christmas send Pandora as a present in the size you wish.

No. 2. Café Terrace at Night - Van Gogh

Cafe Terrace At Night - Van Gogh

It is not by accident that Café Terraza is one of the most sought after and purchased paintings by our customers. It brings together key elements for which Van Gogh has become known worldwide: the venerable starry sky, the fugitive yellow that the artist always wanted to achieve, and of course the impasto, that strong paint stroke that gives it a special life to the bohemian café scene.

This Christmas send Café Terraza as a present in the size you wish.


No. 3. A Friend in Need - Cassius Marcellus Coolidge

A Friend in Need - Casius Coolidge

The scene is set. Players calculate their next moves. There is little air and the tension is palpable. The tricks of the game are mixed with the picaresque character of man's best friend. The clock in the background has stopped in time, and to the hidden gaze of his opponents, the card changes legs as the betting eyes go one way while the move is made on the other. If your loved one is a fan of animals and pets, this painting by Marcellus Coolidge showing dogs warmly playing poker will have an amazing effect when it reaches their hands.

This Christmas send A Friend in Need as a present in the size you wish.

No. 4 The Kiss - Gustav Klimt

The Kiss - Gustav Klimt

The couple's passionate bond is a classic art image of two bodies melting in love. The painting shows a couple embracing in a field of flowers. The man leans over the woman and she, hugging herself tightly, awaits for his kiss. In terms of ornamentation, the male figure is characterized by square and rectangular shapes, while soft lines and floral motifs predominate for the female figure. A masterpiece of the early modern period, Gustav Klimt's The Kiss is a deceptively simple portrait of lust and love. But beyond that shiny gold leaf, the play is full of fascinating facts. Klimt's most famous painting was done between 1907 and 1908, at the height of the artist's golden period, when he painted several works in a similar golden style.

This Christmas send The Kiss as a present in the size you wish.


No. 5 The Incredulity of Saint Thomas - Caravaggio

The Incredulity of Saint Thomas - Caravaggio


We all have times when faith fails us. We deposit a large part of our energy in experiences from which we do not take advantage and we are left in debt spiritually. This famous painting by Caravaggio is a masterpiece that shows the subtle moment when the loss of faith meets the earthly and the divine. In the classic chiaroscuro, all the viewer's gaze is directed toward a portion of the painting bathed in heavenly light, as if Jesus were saying, “Look, this is where you can satiate your hunger for evidence. I gave you everything you needed to have and I showed you everything you needed to see and still you didn't believe. Come and touch because your heart ignored the gifts I gave you since you met me. This painting will make a great present for those particularly who love religious art.

This Christmas send The Incredulity of Saint Thomas by Caravaggio as a present in the size you wish.

No. 6. Composition VII - Kandinsky

Composition VII - Kandinsky

If the person you are thinking of, likes life, color and energy, this painting will not disappoint. This painting by Wassily Kandinsky is considered by many fans of abstract art to be the most important work of art of the 20th century, perhaps even the most important abstract painting ever created. This work is a logical continuation of Compositions V and VI. The three paintings are united by the theme of the Apocalypse. Elements of Composition VI such as the Deluge and the Resurrection can be traced in this work. Its main theme is the final judgment, although it is not seen as a disaster but as a liberation, the transition from the material to the spiritual world. Thus, Composition VII differs from the other works in the series by its light colors and bright lines of contrast. Guaranteed to brighten up any home or work environment.

This Christmas send Composition VII as a present in the size you wish.

No. 7 The Girl with the Pearl Earring - Vermeer

Girl with a Pearl Earring - Vermeer

Something about this painting appeals to art lovers because of its unique ability to engage us with the girl's gaze and pose. It is as if she turns around when we call her attention, as if looking for the source of the call and waiting for a prompt response to her eager heart avid for interaction. Like saying, "what do you want?" The black background highlights the central figure so as not to leave an opportunity for distraction from the main theme, the main figure in the scene belongs to her and she waits for the responses and the attention of the observer. The only counterproposal that makes a balance is the shine of the pearl earring, whose white light radiates as much as she does, but it does not fight to be the central figure, it complements it. Fascinating painting from every point of view, worthy of any space in the home or office of the lucky person who receives this painting as a git.

This Christmas send Girl with a Pearl Earring as a present in the size you wish.

No. 8. Einstein Sticking Out His Tongue - Graffiti

Einstein Sticking Out His Tongue - Graffiti

If the desired effect is to attract attention with an irreverent and genius like Einstein accompanied by the color and chaos of the environment and his language, here is the perfect answer with this painting of a graffiti found in New York. Kuadros specializes in reproducing oil paintings of graffiti, and we include the entire environment surrounding the artwork, including objects, walls, ground, signs, scratches, the sky, cars, animals, and people. Anything goes, because in the street, the life of art transpires like no other, and some of the best artists exhibit their works anonymously in the great capitals of the world. With a graffiti painting, whoever receives this paintings as gift from you will be able to enjoy the art of the streets of Berlin, Paris, London, New York, Tel Aviv, etc., on their wall and in the privacy of their home. Kuadros graffiti paintings equate to an art that moves from worlds that we love right into our living rooms.

This Christmas send Einstein sticking his tongue out as a present in the size you wish.

No. 9. Pick Roses While You Can - John William Waterhouse

Pick Roses While You Can - Waterhouse

The image of this beautiful painting creates a wonderful ethereal atmosphere. The maidens are picking flowers in a meadow near a stream. The artist created a blue sky and some writers have suggested that the scene was influenced by his country of birth, Italy. The viewer's attention is drawn to the two main characters in the foreground. Barefoot and wearing flowing dresses, they each bend down to pick up the flowers with one hand while grasping a corsage with the other. Interestingly, this painting was in an unknown place for almost a century until it was found on a Canadian farm. A couple in Canada had bought the farm in 1973 and asked that the beautiful painting they had seen hanging on a wall remain there. Its owners had no idea of ​​its value. How it got there is something that nobody knows, but now it can be part of one of your loved ones.

This Christmas send Pick Roses while you Can as a present in the size you wish.

No. 10. The Nativity - Federico Barocci

The Nativity - Federico Barocci

And how could a Christmas gift be missing an allusion to the Nativity itself? To close this rewarding list of 10 paintings to give for Christmas, we suggest you consider this painting by Federico Barocci, who has managed to capture the humility, holiness and wonder of the stable in a single beautiful image. Even the cows pay veneration to the child who projects light from the comfort of the haystack, not having become the man who would later move the hearts of millions. Simply a beautiful image, suitable for our Catholic parents and friends.

Stop thinking about it, this Christmas give The Nativity in the size you want.

This Christmas send The Nativity as a present in the size you wish.

Know the conditions before anything else

If you decide to send one of these paintings as a gift, remember that in order for it to arrive on time, each replica is made by hand by our artists. It will take a period of 4-6 weeks to have it in your hands. You will receive the painting rolled up in a security package, then you must also calculate the time to have it framed to your liking before delivering it. Therefore, to be sure that this special purchase arrives on time, the painting must be ordered within the first 15 days of November!

It is so difficult to give a worthy present to someone we love! We hope that this list of 10 paintings to give during Christmas will make your job a little easier this year. Depending on the taste of the person who receives the gift, the recipient will be fascinated and grateful, treasuring their painting for many years and remembering the moment in which you gave it to them.

What we are sure of is that a painting is a gift that lasts nearly forever, something that few physical objects can claim. If this Christmas you do not want to give a gift that has an ephemeral lifetime, you have come to the right place, you have come to Kuadros.

KUADROS, a famous painting on your wall.

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