View Of Roofs And Backs Of Houses

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The painting "View of roofs and backs of houses" by Vincent Van Gogh is a work that invites us to delve into his artistic world and discover the details that make it unique. This work was created in 1886, during the artist's stay in Paris, and is a sample of the post-impressionist style that characterized his work.

The composition of the painting is one of the most interesting features of this work. Van Gogh uses an elevated perspective to show a view of the roofs and back walls of the houses, allowing us to appreciate the geometry of the roofs and the shapes of the chimneys. In addition, the arrangement of the houses in the painting creates a sense of depth and perspective that invites us to delve into the urban landscape.

Color is another fundamental aspect of this work. Van Gogh uses a palette of vibrant and contrasting colors, which allows us to appreciate the beauty of architectural details and the texture of construction materials. The blue and green tones of the roofs contrast with the warm tones of the walls and chimneys, creating a sense of harmony and balance.

The history of the painting is also interesting. Although Van Gogh was not very successful during his lifetime, this work was one of the first he sold, showing that his artistic style was beginning to be recognized. In addition, this painting is a sample of Van Gogh's fascination with urban life and everyday details that often go unnoticed.

Finally, there are little-known aspects of this work that deserve to be highlighted. For example, Van Gogh is known to have used a photograph as a reference to create the composition of the painting. Furthermore, some experts have suggested that the layout of the houses in the painting could be inspired by the layout of the graves in a cemetery near the house where the artist lived in Paris.

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