Saint Simon Stock and the Virgin Interceding for Souls in Purgatory

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The painting Saint Simon Stock and the Virgin Interceding for Souls in Purgatory by Italian artist Corrado Giaquinto is a late-Baroque masterpiece in the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC

The composition of the painting is impressive, with a large number of figures that intertwine in a dramatic and emotional scene. At the center of the work is Saint Simon Stock, the founder of the Order of Carmelites, kneeling before the Virgin Mary, who intercedes for the souls in purgatory. The figure of San Simón is represented with great detail and realism, with an expression of devotion and humility on his face.

The coloring of the painting is vibrant and full of life, with warm and bright tones that contrast with the dark tones of the shadows. The light that illuminates the scene seems to come from the Virgin Mary herself, who radiates a heavenly light that illuminates all the characters in the work.

The story behind the painting is fascinating. It was commissioned by the Carmelite Order in the 18th century to decorate their church in Naples, Italy. Giaquinto, one of the most important artists of the time, was chosen to perform the work due to his ability to create dramatic and emotional scenes.

But what many don't know is that the painting was controversial in its day. Some critics considered it overly dramatic and over the top, while others praised it for its beauty and emotionality. However, over time, the work has become one of the most important of the Italian late Baroque.

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