Portrait of Count István Széchenyi

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The Portrait of Count István Széchenyi is a masterpiece of 19th century painting, created by the Austrian artist Friedrich Von Amerling. This 250 x 165 cm painting is one of Amerling's most important works and depicts the Hungarian Count István Széchenyi, one of the most prominent political leaders and reformers of his day.

The painting is a perfect example of the 19th century artistic style, known as Realism, which is characterized by the realistic representation of the human figure and nature. In this portrait, Amerling shows his ability to capture the personality and character of Count Széchenyi, through his facial expression and posture.

The composition of the painting is impressive, with Count Széchenyi seated in a chair with a table and a book by his side. The count's position in the painting, as well as the arrangement of the objects, create a sense of balance and harmony in the work.

Color is also a prominent aspect of the painting, with a palette of rich, warm tones adding depth and texture to the work. Amerling uses a smooth and precise brushwork technique, which allows him to create a light and alive feeling in the painting.

The story behind the painting is equally fascinating. Count Széchenyi was one of the most important leaders of Hungary in the 19th century, and his portrait was commissioned by his family after his death in 1860. The painting was exhibited at several international exhibitions, including the World's Fair in Paris in 1867, where he received a gold medal.

In conclusion, the Portrait of Count István Széchenyi is an impressive work of art that represents Friedrich Von Amerling's ability to capture the personality and character of his subjects. The composition, color and history of the painting make it a fascinating work and a perfect example of 19th century realism.

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