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Wassily Kandinsky's Restricted painting is a masterpiece of abstract art that has captivated art lovers since its creation in 1929. This work is a perfect example of Kandinsky's artistic style, characterized by geometric abstraction and the use of bright and vibrant colors.

Restricted's composition is a mix of geometric shapes and curved lines that intertwine to create a sense of movement and depth. The work is divided into two parts, one upper and one lower, which meet in the center to form a V-shaped figure. This figure is the focal point of the work and represents the restriction Kandinsky felt in his personal life and artistic.

The use of color in Restricted is impressive. Kandinsky used a palette of bright, vibrant colors that blend and overlap to create a sense of movement and depth. Primary colors such as red, yellow and blue are used throughout the work to create an effect of harmony and balance.

The story behind the creation of Restricted is fascinating. Kandinsky created this work during a period in his life when he felt restricted by his surroundings and personal situation. The V-shaped figure represents Kandinsky's struggle to break free from these restrictions and find his true path in life.

In addition to its art style and story, Restricted also has some little-known aspects that make it even more interesting. For example, Kandinsky used a painting technique called "tempera" to create this work. This technique involves mixing pigments with water and egg yolk to create a durable and resistant paint.

In conclusion, Wassily Kandinsky's Restricted is a masterpiece of abstract art that combines geometric abstraction, the use of color, and the artist's personal history to create an impressive and moving work.

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