Pointe Saint-Pierre in Saint-Tropez

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The painting Pointe Saint-Pierre at Saint-Tropez by Belgian artist Théo Van Rysselberghe is a masterpiece of the Post-Impressionist style. This work was created in 1899 and its original size is 78 x 98 cm.

The composition of the painting is impressive. In it you can see a panoramic view of the coast of Saint-Tropez, where the Pointe Saint-Pierre stands out, a rock formation that juts out into the sea. The artist uses a high perspective to show the beauty of the coastal landscape, and the contrast between the rock and the sea is impressive.

The use of color in painting is one of the most interesting aspects. Van Rysselberghe uses a pointillist technique, where the brushstrokes are small and separated, creating a vibrating effect in the colors. The green and blue tones of the sea mix with the yellow and orange of the sky, creating a warm and bright atmosphere.

The history of the painting is also fascinating. Van Rysselberghe spent much of his life in France, where he joined the Neo-Impressionist movement led by Georges Seurat. This painting is an example of the pointillist technique that Van Rysselberghe perfected during his career.

A little known aspect of this painting is that it was part of the private collection of the famous French writer Marcel Proust. Proust was a great admirer of Van Rysselberghe's work and acquired this painting in 1900. The work was sold at auction in 2011 for more than 3 million euros.

In summary, the painting Pointe Saint-Pierre at Saint-Tropez by Théo Van Rysselberghe is an impressive work that stands out for its composition, use of color and pointillist technique. The story behind the work and its association with Marcel Proust make it even more interesting and valuable.

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