Painting of Jesus as a child

size(cm): 60x90
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This beautiful painting of Jesus is a 100% handmade oil on canvas reproduction.

Throughout history, Jesus Christ has been one of the most prominent figures in art and the written word.

Jesus Christ is perhaps the most renowned and well-known figure to exist throughout history, and many have sought to capture his likeness in beautiful canvas replicas for a variety of reasons.

Some artists have wanted to exalt it on a personal level, as a pact made between themselves and their spirituality. Others have wanted to inspire their followers by creating a visual connection between them and Jesus Christ.

Regardless of their intentions, history has shown that great artists have created timeless and visually stunning works of art based on both Jesus Christ and his apostles.

These paintings sometimes show Jesus as a young man, throughout his life or during his last days, but they are always meaningful and profound for art lovers.

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