The Crucifixion of Saint Peter

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The painting Crucifixion of St Peter by Luca Giordano is a masterpiece of the Italian Baroque that stands out for its drama and emotion. The work, which measures 196 x 258 cm, represents the moment when the Apostle Peter is crucified in Rome, as the legend tells.

As for the artistic style, Giordano uses a highly detailed and realistic painting technique, which can be seen in the texture of the skin, the clothing and the objects that appear in the work. In addition, the artist plays with light and shadow to create an effect of depth and three-dimensionality that makes the scene seem almost real.

The composition of the work is very interesting, since Giordano uses a diagonal perspective that creates an effect of movement and dynamism. Furthermore, the characters are arranged in different planes, making the scene more complex and rich in detail.

Regarding color, the work stands out for its palette of dark and somber tones, which reflect the drama of the scene. However, Giordano uses some splashes of bright color in the details of the clothing and objects, which creates an interesting contrast.

The history of the painting is also very interesting, since it was commissioned by King Carlos II of Spain for the chapel of the Royal Palace in Madrid. The work was transferred to Naples in the 19th century and is currently in the National Museum of Capodimonte.

Finally, a little known aspect of the work is that Giordano used his wife as a model to represent the weeping woman at the bottom of the work. This personal detail adds a special touch to the work and shows the artist's ability to capture emotion and feeling in his paintings.

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