Desco Da Parto (Straight)

size(cm): 50x50
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The painting Desco da parto (recto) by the artist Bartolomeo Di Fruosino is a Renaissance artwork that stands out for its artistic style and composition. The painting measures 59 cm and is in the Bargello Museum in Florence.

The artistic style of this painting is typical of the Italian Renaissance, with great attention to detail and a very precise painting technique. The composition of the work is very interesting, since it shows the Virgin Mary surrounded by saints and angels in a scene that represents the birth of Jesus.

The color of the work is very rich and vibrant, with a combination of warm and cold tones that create a sense of depth and movement in the image. The color palette used by Di Fruosino is very characteristic of the Renaissance period, with a great variety of shades and shades.

The history of the painting is very interesting, since it was used as a kind of decorative plate that was placed on the bed of women who were going to give birth. The image of the Virgin Mary and the saints was considered protective for the mother and child during childbirth, and was believed to bring them good luck and protection.

One of the lesser-known aspects of this painting is that Di Fruosino was not a well-known artist in his day, and his work has only become famous in recent years thanks to the attention paid to lesser artists of the Italian Renaissance. . Despite this, his work is an exceptional example of the art of his time and an example of the beauty and perfection that can be achieved with Renaissance painting.

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