Christ Carrying the Cross

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During his long career in Spain, El Greco made numerous paintings of Christ carrying the cross. Christ Carrying the Cross is an image of perfect humanity. The work stands out for the characteristic brushstrokes with which the painter uses color to model the volumes and distorts the bodies to reflect the character's spiritual longing.

El Greco paints the eyes of Christ with dramatic and exaggerated tears in them. His eyes are the key element of the painting as they express a lot of emotion.

There is a delicate contrast between his robust shoulders and the feminine beauty of his hands. However, there are no signs of pain on his face. Just as his passive hands do not express anguish or effort to carry the cross.

El Greco transformed the image of Christ weighed down and in pain from the heavy cross to one who is calm and ready to face his destiny. Christ's serenity before his sacrifice invites the viewer to accept their own destiny in moments of fear and doubt.

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