Growth Of Night Plants

size(cm): 55x40
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The painting "Nocturnal Plant Growth" by Paul Klee is a masterpiece of abstract art that has captivated art lovers since its creation in 1930. This work is a perfect example of Klee's artistic style, which is characterized by its use of geometric shapes, lines and vibrant colors.

The composition of the painting is fascinating, as Klee has created an image that seems to be in constant motion. Shapes and lines intertwine and overlap, creating a sense of depth and movement. The image seems to be constantly changing, as if it were alive.

Color is another outstanding aspect of this work. Klee has used a palette of bold and vibrant colours, which perfectly complement each other. Blue and green tones blend with reds and yellows, creating an image that is both harmonious and exciting.

The story behind the painting is also very interesting. Klee created this work during a period in his life when he was experimenting with abstraction and the simplification of forms. The painting is a representation of nature and plant life, but Klee has simplified the forms and created an image that is more abstract than realistic.

There are also little-known aspects of this work. For example, Klee used a painting technique that involved applying very thin layers of paint, which allowed him to create a unique texture on the painting's surface. Furthermore, the work was created at a time when Klee was experimenting with music and painting, and the painting is said to have been inspired by a piece of music he was listening to at the time.

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