Banquet of the Officials and Subalterns of the Civic Guard of San Jorge

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The painting Banquet of the Officers and Sub-alterns of the Saint George Civic Guard, created by artist Frans Pietersz De Grebber in 1639, is a 17th-century masterpiece noted for its Baroque style and impressive composition.

The work represents a banquet celebrated by the Civic Guard of Saint George in the Dutch city of Haarlem. In the center of the painting is a large table with the officers and subordinates of the guard, dressed in their characteristic uniforms. The atmosphere is festive and cheerful, with the characters chatting and toasting with glasses of wine.

The composition of the painting is exceptional, with a perspective that creates a sense of depth and movement. The characters are arranged in different planes, which allows the viewer to feel part of the scene. In addition, the lighting is carefully worked, with a light that comes from a window in the background of the painting and that creates shadows and reflections on the objects and on the faces of the characters.

Color is another prominent aspect of the work. The guard uniforms are rendered in great detail, with bright, contrasting colors bringing vibrancy to the scene. In addition, the artist uses a range of warm and cold tones to create an atmosphere of partying and camaraderie.

The history of the painting is interesting as it was commissioned by the Saint George Civic Guard to commemorate an important event in their history. However, the work was not to the liking of the members of the guard, who considered it too ostentatious and expensive. The painting was sold to a private individual and passed through several hands before being acquired by the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam in 1951.

As for little-known aspects, it is known that De Grebber was a very versatile artist who also devoted himself to sculpture and poetry. Furthermore, the figure in the foreground of the painting, holding a glass of wine, is believed to be a self-portrait of the artist.

In short, the painting Banquet of the Officers and Sub-alterns of the Saint George Civic Guard is an impressive work that masterfully combines technique, composition and color. Its little-known history and details make it a fascinating piece for lovers of art and history.

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