Flaming June

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Flaming June is an oil painting created by British artist Frederic Leighton in 1895. The work is an impressive example of the neoclassical style and depicts a nude female figure, bathed in sunlight and surrounded by lush greenery. In it, a young woman in a bright orange dress is fast asleep on a marble bench, the shimmering sea stretching out peacefully behind her.

What is interesting about this painting is that Leighton was inspired by Greek and Roman culture to create his composition. The work's title, Flaming June is a reference to the Greek god Helios, who personified the sun in Greek mythology.

Furthermore, the female figure in the painting resembles the Greek Venuses and nymphs, which were commonly depicted in ancient classical sculpture and painting.

Although the work was inspired by classical culture, Flaming June also shows Leighton's interest in nature and landscape. The female figure stands in a lush and detailed natural setting, with plants and flowers in the foreground and a bright, blue sky in the background.

The work was also highly praised in its day for its use of color and light. Leighton used bright, saturated colors to represent the intensity of the sun, while the light bathing the female figure makes her appear ethereal and almost divine. Altogether, Flaming June is a work that combines the beauty of classical culture with the Victorian fascination for nature and light.

Flaming June is ranked no. 59 on the list of famous paintings

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