Children Bathers

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Peter Severin Krøyer's painting Bathing Children is a masterpiece of Danish Impressionism that captures the essence of beach life in the 19th century. The painting shows two naked children bathing in the sea while their mother watches over them from the beach.

Krøyer's artistic style is characterized by his ability to capture the light and atmosphere of the Danish seaside. In this work, the artist uses a technique of loose and rapid brushstrokes to create a sensation of movement and energy in the water. The shades of blue and green used in the painting capture the coolness of the sea and the sea breeze.

The composition of the painting is interesting because the artist uses a unique perspective to show the children from below, which creates a feeling of intimacy and closeness with them. In addition, the mother on the beach is in an elevated position, which emphasizes her role as a protector.

The story behind the painting is also fascinating. Krøyer painted this work in 1893 while spending the summer in Skagen, a small coastal town in northern Denmark. Skagen was a popular location among Danish Impressionist artists of the time, and Krøyer was inspired by the natural beauty of the area to create this work.

A little known aspect of the painting is that the children in it are the children of Krøyer himself. The girl in the painting is Vibeke, the artist's eldest daughter, and the boy is her youngest son, Mikael. This painting is therefore an intimate representation of the artist's family life.

In short, Peter Severin Krøyer's Bathing Children is a Danish Impressionist work that captures the natural beauty and intimacy of beach life. The technique of loose and rapid brushstrokes, the unique perspective and the shades of blue and green used in the painting make it a masterpiece of Danish Impressionism. Furthermore, the story behind the painting, including the fact that the children in the painting are the children of the artist himself, makes it an even more interesting and meaningful work.

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