Montmartre Boulevard In Spring

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Montmartre Boulevard In Spring is an Impressionist painting by French artist Camille Pissarro, which was created in 1897. The painting depicts a Paris cityscape during spring, and is characterized by the Impressionist technique of loose brushstrokes and depiction of natural light.

What is interesting about this painting is that it was created at a time in Pissarro's career when he was experimenting with light and color splitting techniques, which led him to produce some of his most vibrant and expressive work.

Furthermore, Montmartre Boulevard is one of the most emblematic boulevards in Paris and the meeting place for many artists, including Pissarro, who lived in the area during that period. The work is also an example of the influence of Japanese art on impressionist painting, especially in composition and the use of perspective.

Montmartre Boulevard In Spring is ranked no. 77 on the list of famous paintings 

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