The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp

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Rembrandt painted this group portrait of seven surgeons and the physician Nicolaes Tulp in 1632.

The painting is one of a series of group portraits made for the boardroom of the Guild of Surgeons, the first of which dates from 1603. This painting reflects the anatomy lesson Tulp gave in January 1632. Twice Every week this prominent physician gave the Amsterdam surgeons a theory lesson. One element of this training was hands-on demonstrations in the anatomy theater to gain a greater understanding of human anatomy.

A public autopsy was performed every year, performed in winter because the stench of the body would have been unbearable at any other time. Tulp, who had become a reader of the Surgeons Guild three years earlier. He performed his first autopsy in 1631 and the second in 1632. It was on this occasion that Rembrandt made his famous painting.

The body being autopsied is that of Adriaen Adrianson (aka Aris het Kint), who achieved infamy by virtue of being the corpse depicted in this painting. His police file tells that he was sentenced to death and hanged on January 31, 1632, although the last arrest was for stealing a coat. His body serves as the focal point and stands out in the painting, even though he was the only person
present for not having paid for his portrait.

Dr. Nicolaes Tulp's Anatomy Lesson is ranked no. 78 on the list of famous paintings 

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