The Cardsharps

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The Cardsharps is a famous painting by the Italian artist Caravaggio that was created in the 1590s. It is known for being one of the first paintings to feature ordinary people as protagonists and for its detailed realism.

In this small crime scene, the young artist Caravaggio invented a genre of deceptive images. The cast is minimal: two traps and one hoax. The plot is simple but tight. A cheater plays cards with the boy.

What is interesting about this painting is that the men depicted in it are believed to be actual card players that Caravaggio encountered on the streets of Rome. It is said that he paid them to pose for him and used stock models to portray them, rather than the idealized models commonly used at the time.

Furthermore, it has been speculated that the painting may have a deeper meaning than simply showing men playing cards. It is believed that Caravaggio may have used the image to comment on the idea of deceit and treachery, as the cards themselves are a symbol of deceit and possession of marked cards was a crime at the time.

It has also been suggested that the posture and expression of the players suggest that they are in the middle of an argument or fight, reinforcing the idea that the image has a deeper meaning than just the representation of a card game. Regardless, "The Card Players" remains an intriguing and fascinating work of art that has generated much discussion and debate over the years.

The Cardsharps is ranked no. 93 on the list of famous paintings 

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