The Pont Du Gard

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The Pont Du Gard is a work of the French artist Hubert Robert, created in the year 1787. The painting depicts the famous Roman aqueduct of the same name, which was built in the 1st century in the Nîmes region of southern France.

An interesting trivia about this painting is that Hubert Robert was known as the "ruin painter" due to his love of depicting ruined cityscapes and ancient monuments. In this case, the depiction of the Roman aqueduct reflects the artist's fascination with classical antiquity and Roman architecture.

Another interesting fact is that the Pont Du Gard aqueduct is one of the most important Roman monuments in France and one of the best preserved in the world. Standing 48 meters high and 275 meters long, it was built to transport water to the city of Nîmes and remains an impressive example of ancient Roman skill and ingenuity in the construction of public works.

Additionally, Robert's painting shows a group of human figures in the foreground, adding an element of interest and scale to the work. Taken together, Hubert Robert's painting of "The Pont Du Gard" is a beautiful representation of the art of the Neoclassical era and a celebration of the architectural and cultural heritage of ancient Rome.

Over the centuries, this ancient structure has attracted not only tourists, but also people and literary artists, including Hubert Robert. Perhaps the most popular painting of the Pont du Gard is the one painted by Robert in 1787.

The Pont Du Gard is ranked no. 94 on the list of famous paintings 

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