The Miracle of Saint Casilda

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The painting "The Miracle of St Casilda" by artist Zacarías González Velázquez is a masterpiece that features impressive composition and a unique artistic style. The work was created in the 18th century and has an original size of 106 x 77 cm.

The artistic style of the painting is baroque, which can be seen in the exaggeration of the forms and the intensity of the colors. The composition of the work is very interesting, since it presents a dramatic scene in which the miracle of Saint Casilda is represented. In the lower part of the painting, you can see the saint kneeling and offering bread and water to some poor people. In the upper part, you can see the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph, who give the saint a chalice with the consecrated host.

Color is another prominent aspect of the painting. Red and gold tones are used to highlight the importance of the scene, while darker tones are used to create a dramatic and mysterious atmosphere.

The history of the painting is also very interesting. It is said that the work was commissioned by the family of Santa Casilda to be placed in their chapel in the cathedral of Toledo. The work remained there until the 19th century, when it was transferred to the church of San Ildefonso in Madrid.

Finally, there is a little known aspect of the painting which is its oil painting technique. The artist used a very advanced technique for his time, in which he applied several layers of paint to create a unique texture and depth in the work.

In short, "The Miracle of St Casilda" is a stunning painting that combines dramatic composition, baroque art style, rich color palette, and advanced oil painting technique. It is a work that deserves to be admired and appreciated for its beauty and historical value.

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