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The Kiss by Francesco Hayez is one of the most famous paintings of Italian Romanticism. The work depicts two lovers passionately kissing in a room illuminated by evening light.

One of the interesting things about this painting is the way Hayez captures the emotional intensity of the moment. The faces of the lovers, their intertwined bodies, and the position of their hands suggest great passion and romance. The painting is also interesting because, although it is an image of love and romance, it is not a typically romanticized and sugarcoated scene. Instead, it is a realistic and passionate depiction of love passion.

Another interesting aspect of this painting is the use of color. Hayez uses a warm, rich palette that creates a feeling of intimacy and romance. The evening light streaming in through the window bathes lovers in a soft golden hue, further adding to the romantic atmosphere.

The Kiss is a fascinating painting that captures the passion and emotional intensity of a romantic scene. Its realism and use of color make it an impressive and attractive work of art to the human eye.

When it was shown, the public was enthusiastic about the daring kiss, but also recognized the patriotic message enshrined in the colours: the red tights, the green lapel on the cape and the blue and white dress allude to the flags of Italy and France.

The Kiss ranks no. 84 on the list of famous paintings 

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