Composition X

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Cited as one of the early champions of abstract painting, Wassily Kandinsky was not only a Russian painter, but also an art theorist. The influence he instigated and left on the art world and on abstraction was immense as he co-founded the Phalanx art group and The New Group of Artists thereafter, organizing exhibitions for his contemporaries throughout his years as an artist. He produced more than 600 works throughout his career, with a 1913 painting fetching its record auction price of $41.6 million in 2017.

Despite this impressive record, his most significant work was possibly 'Composition X'. Latest in his lifelong series of 'Compositions'. With it, he sought to culminate his research on the purity of form and expression through this work. Having used the color black sparingly in his practice up to this point, it has been criticized that this work evokes both the cosmos and the darkness of foreshadowing that he is approaching the end of his life.

Initially, the creation of Composition X was influenced by the biomorphic forms of surrealism.

However, Wassily Kandinsky later employed the art of using organic forms in his paintings. This is a style that he later used throughout his paintings.

The style gave his work uniqueness. It was easy and almost impossible not to recognize the paintings created by Wassily Kandinsky when they were displayed in exhibitions or elsewhere.

Also, Composition X was created in France. Seeing the painting up close, you can see that the painter used a black background. The main reason for using the black background was so that the foreground colors could be seen clearly.

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