The mission of KUADROS is to unite artists with lovers of art, particularly famous paintings. Our artists earn money from the sale of their paintings and buyers can get great masterpieces of humanity at very modest prices.

More than 10,000 paintings have been sold worldwide, created by a community of 300 artists.

Kuadros is a company legally incorporated in Israel. The company was originally born in the year 2019 in the UK and moved its operations to Israel after the COVID pandemic. The portal serves the entire world market, providing replicas of famous paintings and original paintings by selected artists.

Painters from all walks of life and various regions collaborate to produce famous paintings for distribution in the global marketplace.

What motivates us to make replica oil paintings?

A last stroke of the brush will suffice and the painter will give birth to his masterpiece. There on the canvas remains the heart of the artist, and humanity from then on will be able to enjoy that painting only in select museums and galleries.

The reproduction of oil paintings, a little closer to your heart through Kuadros.

Kuadros Artist in his Workshop

The reproduction of the great works of history is as old as art itself, since the human being has always sought to be close to the painter, his dreams, his personal tragedies and his creative genius.

Kuadros fulfills a desire that shelters every art lover, even many times without being fully aware of it: to exhibit at least one of the great masterpieces of humanity in their home.

Do you like Van Gogh? We have it. DaVinci? We are experts. Klimt, Rembrandt, Monet? They are the specialty of the house.

A painting is a traditional painting. Kuadros is the brand that represents a seal of quality in the reproduction of the great works of art of humanity.

The obsession with quality in our famous paintings

Kuadros artist painting in his workshop

Each one of our reproductions of oil paintings are made 100% by hand and have by protocol the quality seal of pieces worthy of a museum. Still, only one original painting constitutes the masterpiece.

Having said this, since its inception Kuadros has distinguished itself by producing extremely close-to-the-original reproductions of paintings . To achieve this, we only employ teachers who have graduated from plastic arts schools, who must go through filters of technique and skill until they obtain the go-ahead to make reproductions on our behalf.

When hanging one of our paintings, we want our clients to put a smile on their face and feel full confidence that the paintings they acquire at Kuadros are synonymous with quality.

Respect for the rights of painters

Our collection of paintings and artists number in the thousands, including all the pieces of the great artistic movements of history, except those whose works are not yet in the public domain. This means that, although we admire great authors such as Picasso, Dalí or Botero, we limit ourselves to admiring their works in photographs or in museums, and for these reasons we do not have reproductions of these artists.

The original size of a painting matters

Our painting reproduction model adheres to a simple system that respects the original dimensions of the paintings as the great masters created them. When the dimensions allow it, we always offer the original size of the paintings or a variant that respects the exact proportion of width and height. We do not modify paintings to adhere to specific or standard sizes unless the customer wishes.

Be patient when ordering the replica of your painting

We know how it works. You fell in love with that painting and you want it soon in that space that you have drawn in your mind. We congratulate you, we share your taste! However, please note that reproducing each painting takes between 2-3 weeks to complete. Then comes the drying process, which lasts at least 1 additional week. In the best case, you will have your painting in 4 weeks and in the worst case in 8.

Please do not order a piece unless you are aware of the time it takes to make your painting. Our customers are patient when waiting for their paintings!

Kuadros, a famous painting on his wall.

Curiosities of Art

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