Parod (Israel), March 1, 2023.- For Immediate Release

KUADROS.COM, the Israeli company specializing in the production of museum-quality replicas of great works of art, announced that it reached the sale of its 10,000th painting in the third year of operations in September this year.

The company, which brings together more than 300 independent artists in more than 80 countries, increased orders for the reproduction of oil paintings during and after the pandemic.

The CEO of the company, Diego Bronstein, referred to the event as an important endorsement of the quality of the works distributed by the company in the 4 continents:

“We are pleased to have reached this number in online sales in just three years. Initially it was a projection that we had estimated to reach in 6 years. Reducing the time of the goals by 50% has been an accolade for our work, both for the level of quality that we deliver in each work, and for the passion of our global community of artists.”

The businessman also referred to plans for the future: "The market's response to the quality of replicas of world-famous works fills a need for art lovers who want to hang a Van Gogh or a Caravaggio on the wall of their living room. It is as if the artists visited us to chat in our homes, opening the possibility of great evenings with friends and family. Now we are going for the commercialization of original works”.

The company has found a market niche in oil reproductions of famous paintings and especially religious masterpieces, whose buyers range from private clients to churches and Catholic associations around the world.

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