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Joost Cornelisz Droquíslot's painting Village Street is a fascinating work of art that has captivated art lovers for centuries. This original size 80 x 100 cm painting is a stunning example of the 17th century Dutch art style, characterized by precision and attention to detail.

The composition of the painting is impressive, with a village street stretching towards the horizon, flanked by red brick buildings and wooden houses. The attention to detail is impressive, with every element carefully rendered, from the tiles on the roof to the stones in the pathway.

The color in the painting is vibrant and rich, with earthy tones that reflect the nature of the rural setting. The shades of green and brown in the trees and grass combine with the darker tones of the buildings and shadows to create a sense of depth and texture.

The history of the painting is interesting as it is believed to have been painted around 1650 and has been the subject of study and admiration ever since. Droquíslot's work is one of the best known of the 17th century and has been a source of inspiration for many subsequent artists.

Little-known aspects of the painting include the technique used by the artist to create the sensation of depth and perspective. Droquíslot used a technique called "aerial atmosphere" to create the illusion of distance and depth in the painting, giving it an even more realistic look.

In short, Joost Cornelisz Droquíslot's painting Village Street is an impressive work of art that has stood the test of time. Her artistic style, composition, color, and technique are all aspects that make her unique and fascinating. If you are an art lover, this painting is definitely one you must see.

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