Psyche Showing Her Sisters Her Cupid Gifts

size(cm): 45x50
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The painting "Psyche Showing Her Sisters Her Gifts from Cupid" by the artist Jean-Honoré Fragonard is a masterpiece of 18th-century French Rococo. The composition of the painting is impressive, with a large amount of detail and elements that make the work visually appealing.

The center of the painting is occupied by Psyche, a Greek mythological figure, who is surrounded by her sisters, who watch in amazement as she shows them the gifts she received from Cupid, the god of love. The composition is enhanced by the use of the chiaroscuro technique, which creates an effect of light and shadow that highlights the figures and objects.

Color is another interesting aspect of painting. Fragonard used a soft, pastel color palette, which gives the work a delicate and romantic appearance. Pink and blue tones blend harmoniously to create a dreamlike atmosphere.

The story behind the painting is also fascinating. Fragonard was commissioned to paint the work by the Count of Saint-Florentin, who wanted to give it to his wife as a gift. However, the painting never reached the Count's hands, as it was acquired by King Louis XVI, who included it in his personal collection.

A little known aspect of the painting is that Fragonard did not finish it completely. The work was completed by his student, Jean-Baptiste Mallet, who added some details and finished the work after Fragonard had left the commission.

In summary, the painting "Psyche Showing Her Sisters Her Gifts from Cupid" is an impressive work of art that stands out for its composition, color and technique. The story behind the painting and its completion by another artist are also interesting aspects that add value to this French Rococo masterpiece.

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