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The painting Aeneas and Dido, by the French artist Charles Alphonse Dufresnoy, is a work of great beauty and complexity. Made in oil on canvas, its original size is 155 x 196 cm.

Dufresnoy's artistic style is clearly Baroque, with a highly dynamic composition and a wealth of detail. The scene represents the moment when the Trojan hero Aeneas leaves Queen Dido in Carthage to fulfill his destiny of founding the city of Rome. The love story between the two characters is one of the most famous in classical mythology, and has been represented in numerous works of art throughout history.

In Dufresnoy's painting, the figure of Aeneas stands in the center of the composition, his gaze directed towards the horizon, symbolizing his destiny and duty. Beside him, Dido is kneeling, a look of pain and sadness on her face. The composition is full of details that reinforce the emotion of the scene, such as the dark clouds that herald the storm, or the gesture of Aeneas's hand that seems to want to comfort Dido.

The coloring of the work is very rich and varied, with a palette that goes from the warm and luminous tones of the characters' clothes, to the dark and dramatic ones of the clouds and the landscape. Dufresnoy's technique is very detailed, and the folds of the fabrics, the details of the faces and hands, and the decorative elements of the environment can be appreciated with great clarity.

One of the lesser known aspects of this work is that it was commissioned by King Louis XIV of France, who commissioned it to decorate his Palace of Versailles. The painting is currently in the Louvre Museum in Paris, where it is one of the most admired works in the collection.

In short, the painting Aeneas and Dido by Charles Alphonse Dufresnoy is a work of great beauty and complexity, which reflects the artist's mastery of technique and composition. Its emotion and richness in detail make it an essential work for lovers of baroque art and classical mythology.

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