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The Pietà painting by Luis De Morales is a masterpiece of the Spanish Renaissance that stands out for its elegance and emotionality. The work, which measures 126 x 98 cm, presents a balanced and harmonious composition, in which the figure of the Virgin Mary holds the lifeless body of Jesus Christ in her arms.

Morales' artistic style is characterized by its realism and attention to detail, which can be seen in the delicacy of the folds of the clothes and the expressiveness of the characters' faces. In addition, the artist uses a palette of soft and subtle colors, which give the work a feeling of serenity and peace.

The history of the Pietà painting is fascinating, since it is believed that it was made by Morales in the 16th century for the church of San Vicente de Plasencia, in Extremadura. The work quickly became an object of popular devotion, and was reproduced on numerous occasions by other artists.

However, what few know is that the Pietà de Morales painting is actually a replica of another work on the same subject, made by the Italian artist Giovanni Bellini. Although Morales modified some details of the composition and added his own style, the influence of Bellini is evident in the elegance and grace of the work.

In short, the Pietà painting by Luis De Morales is a work of great artistic and historical value, combining Italian tradition with Spanish sensibility to create a moving and timeless image of the Virgin Mary and her son Jesus.

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