Noli me tangere

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The painting Noli Me Tangere by artist Jacopo Pontormo is an Italian Renaissance masterpiece that has captivated art lovers for centuries. This oil painting, original size 125 x 95 cm, represents the moment when Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene after his resurrection and tells her "Don't touch me".

One of the most interesting aspects of this work is Pontormo's artistic style, which is characterized by his use of color and light. The artist uses soft and delicate pastel tones to create a mystical and ethereal atmosphere. The figure of Jesus, dressed in a white robe, seems to float in the air, while Mary Magdalene, dressed in a red and gold dress, appears to be rooted to the ground.

The composition of the painting is also remarkable, with the figures arranged on a diagonal that draws the viewer's gaze from the lower left corner to the upper right corner. The figure of Jesus is in the center of the composition, surrounded by a halo of golden light that symbolizes his divinity.

Another interesting aspect of the painting is its history. It was commissioned by Cardinal Giovanni de Medici in 1522 for the chapel of San Felipe Neri in Florence, but was rejected as too innovative and extravagant. The painting was eventually acquired by Duke Cosimo I de Medici and is currently in the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC

There are also little-known aspects of the painting, such as the presence of a small dog in the lower left corner, which is believed to symbolize fidelity. Furthermore, it has been speculated that the figure of Mary Magdalene could actually be a self-portrait of Pontormo, since she shares facial features with the artist.

In summary, the painting Noli Me Tangere by Jacopo Pontormo is a masterpiece of the Italian Renaissance that stands out for its artistic style, composition, color and history. It is a work of art that continues to fascinate art lovers and that deserves to be contemplated carefully to appreciate all its details and symbolism.

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