Haneton Triptych (Wings)

size(cm): 65x40
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The painting Haneton Triptych (wings) by Flemish artist Bernaert Van Orley is a stunning work of art that has captivated art lovers since its creation in the 16th century. This painting is a triptych, that is, a work of art made up of three panels that can be folded, and measures 87 x 48 cm in its original size.

Van Orley's artistic style is typically Flemish, with great attention to detail and a highly refined painting technique. In this work, the influence of the Italian Renaissance can be clearly appreciated, especially in the representation of human bodies and perspective.

The composition of the painting is very interesting, as each panel tells a different story. In the central panel, we see the Virgin Mary with the Child Jesus surrounded by angels and saints. On the side panels, we see scenes from the life of Saint John the Baptist and Saint John the Evangelist. The composition is symmetrical and balanced, with a clear visual hierarchy that directs the viewer's attention to the central figure of the Virgin.

The color in the painting is vibrant and rich, with a palette of bright, warm tones that create a feeling of joy and celebration. The details in the costumes and landscapes are exceptional, demonstrating Van Orley's skill as a painter.

The history of painting is fascinating. It was commissioned by the Haneton family, one of the most important families in Brussels in the 16th century. The work was created for the family chapel in the Saint Géry church in Brussels, where it remained for centuries until it was transferred to the Brussels Museum of Fine Arts in the 19th century.

There are little-known aspects of the painting, such as the fact that Van Orley worked on it together with his brother, and that the work was restored several times over the centuries, which has affected its current state.

In short, the Haneton Triptych (wings) painting is an exceptional work of art, noted for its artistic style, composition, color, and rich history. It is a display of the talent and skill of Bernaert Van Orley, one of the most important artists of the Flemish Renaissance.

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