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size(cm): 45x35
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Gustave Moreau's painting "Self-Portrait" is a fascinating work that reveals the artist's ability to capture the essence of his own personality on canvas. Moreau's artistic style is characterized by a detailed and meticulous technique that is based on the use of intense and saturated colors to create a mystical and enigmatic atmosphere.

The composition of the work is very interesting, as it presents the artist in close-up, with a penetrating gaze and a serious expression on his face. In the background, you can see some objects that seem to be floating in the air, such as a sphere and a book, suggesting a surreal and dreamlike environment.

Color is another prominent aspect of this painting, as Moreau uses warm, vibrant hues to create a contrast to the artist's figure, who is dressed in dark, somber tones. In addition, the artist uses light and shadow to create a sense of depth and relief in the work.

The history of the painting is also very interesting, as it is believed to have been done in 1850, when Moreau was only 19 years old. This work is one of the few self-portraits that the artist made throughout his career, which makes it a unique and valuable piece.

Finally, it should be noted that "Self-Portrait" by Gustave Moreau is a work little known to the general public, since it is in a private collection and has not been publicly exhibited for many years. However, its beauty and artistic value are undeniable, making it an essential work for lovers of art and culture.

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