Jacobo Van Dalen, Called Vallensis

size(cm): 50x40
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The painting "Jacob van Dalen, called Vallensis" by the Dutch artist Michiel Jansz Van Miereveld is a work of great beauty and complexity. This oil portrait, with an original size of 70 x 58 cm, shows the character full-length, elegantly dressed and with a penetrating gaze that seems to pierce the canvas.

Van Miereveld's artistic style is characterized by a meticulous and detailed technique, which is appreciated in the careful representation of the folds of the clothing, the texture of the skin and the hair of the sitter. The composition is harmonious and balanced, with a dark background that highlights the central figure and soft lighting that creates a three-dimensional effect.

Color is also a prominent element in this work. Van Miereveld uses a palette of soft and warm tones, which blend harmoniously to create a serene and elegant atmosphere. The artist pays special attention to details, such as the jewelery and embroidery on the costume, which are rendered with great precision and realism.

The history of the painting is little known, which adds an air of mystery and fascination to this work. It is known that Jacob van Dalen was a wealthy merchant and patron of the arts in 17th-century Holland, and that he commissioned this portrait from Van Miereveld. However, the exact reason for the work and its final destination are unknown.

In short, "Jacob van Dalen, called Vallensis" is a work of great artistic and historical value, which shows Van Miereveld's mastery in the technique of portraiture and his ability to create works of great beauty and sophistication.

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