still life with melon

size(cm): 45x65
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Claude Monet's Still-Life with Melon painting is a masterpiece of Impressionism noted for its beauty and simplicity. The painting, original size 53 x 73 cm, shows a still life with a melon, a plate with grapes and a glass vase, all on a wooden table.

Monet's artistic style is reflected in the technique of loose brushwork and the use of bright colors that create a bright and vibrant atmosphere. The composition of the painting is asymmetrical, with the melon in the center and the grapes and glass to one side, creating an interesting visual balance.

Color is one of the highlights of the work. Monet uses a palette of warm and bright tones, such as orange, yellow and green, which contrast with the dark background of the table. In addition, the artist plays with light and shadow to create depth and volume in the objects.

The history of the painting is interesting, as it was created in 1872, during a transition period in Monet's career. At the time, the artist was exploring new subjects and techniques, and this still life was one of the first works he produced in his new impressionist style.

Finally, a little known aspect about the painting is that it was sold by Monet for a very low amount of money, since at that time the artist was not well known and his works did not have much value in the art market. However, today Still-Life with Melon is one of Claude Monet's most popular and valued works.

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