The Death of Saint Corbinian

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The painting The Death of St Corbinian, created by the artist Jan Polack in the 15th century, is a masterpiece of the late Gothic style. The composition of the painting is impressive, with a great amount of detail and a rich symbology that make it unique. The figure of the saint, lying on his deathbed, is surrounded by a group of angels who accompany him on his way to the afterlife.

The coloring of the painting is another outstanding aspect, with a palette of dark and earthy tones that create an atmosphere of solemnity and sadness. The details of the saint's clothing and the angels are carefully rendered, in a realistic style that reflects the artist's mastery.

The history of the painting is also very interesting. Jan Polack was a Polish artist who worked in Germany, and this work is believed to have been created for the Church of St. Corbinian in Freising, Bavaria. The painting was commissioned by the Bishop of Freising, and is said to have been created as a tribute to the saint, who was highly revered in the region.

A little known aspect about the painting is that the saint depicted in it is not actually St. Corbinian, but Saint George. It is believed that the error was due to a confusion in the iconography of the saints, and that the artist used the image of Saint George by mistake.

All in all, The Death of St Corbinian is a fascinating painting that reflects the mastery of the late Gothic style and the skill of the artist Jan Polack. Its composition, color and symbolism make it unique, and its history and little-known aspects make it an even more interesting work for lovers of art and history.

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