View of Basel and the Rhine

size(cm): 60x100
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Ernst Ludwig Kirchner's painting View of Basel and the Rhine depicts a breathtaking view of the Rhine River and the city of Basel, captured from an unusual and energetic angle that reflects the artist's expressionist style.

The painting was created in 1912, at a time when Expressionism was emerging as a major movement in European art. Kirchner was part of a group of artists known as Die Brücke, who sought to break free from traditional artistic conventions and experiment with new styles and forms of expression.

Another interesting aspect about Ernst Ludwig Kirchner's painting is that it was influenced by African culture. Kirchner became interested in African art and its abstract and primitive style, which led to the incorporation of African elements in his work.

In this painting, it can be seen that Kirchner uses stylized and simplified human figures, as well as geometric patterns and strong, diagonal lines, reminiscent of African designs. These elements add an interesting and unique dimension to the painting, reflecting Kirchner's fascination with African culture and its impact on modern European art.

Kirchner used vibrant, contrasting colors to create an effect of visual tension in the composition. It can also be seen that the artist used fast, energetic brushstrokes to create a sense of movement and dynamism in the painting. The work certainly stands out for its expressionist style, its use of vibrant and contrasting colors, and its ability to capture the energy and emotion of its surroundings.

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