The Virgin Mary Reading

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The painting "The Reading of the Virgin Mary" by Antonello Da Messina is an Italian Renaissance masterpiece that has captivated art lovers for centuries. This work of art is one of the artist's most famous and is located in the National Gallery in London.

The composition of the painting is impressive, with the Virgin Mary sitting on a throne and holding a book on her lap. Her gaze is directed towards the book, while her son, Jesus, sits on her lap and looks out at the viewer. The composition is symmetrical and balanced, which creates a feeling of harmony and tranquility.

Antonello Da Messina's artistic style is unique, characterized by his attention to detail and his ability to create realistic textures. In this painting, you can clearly see his oil painting technique, which allows him to create a sense of depth and lightness in the work.

Color is also an important aspect of this painting. The warm, soft skin tones of the Virgin and Jesus contrast with the darker, richer tones of the clothing and background. The use of color also helps create a sense of calm and serenity in the work.

The history of painting is fascinating. It is believed to have been commissioned by a Sicilian nobleman in the 15th century and brought to England in the 19th century. For a long time, the painting was thought to have been done by a Flemish artist, but it was later discovered to be the work of Antonello Da Messina.

There are many interesting and little-known aspects of this painting. For example, the figure of the Virgin Mary is believed to be based on a statue of the Greek goddess Demeter, suggesting that Antonello Da Messina was interested in classical mythology. Furthermore, it has been suggested that the painting could be a representation of the education of the Virgin Mary by her mother, Saint Anne.

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