Echo and Narcissus

size(cm): 35x65
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This extraordinary painting by John William Waterhouse exquisitely depicts the story between Echo and Narcissus.

In the Roman myth, Echo falls in love with the beautiful Narcissus. But Narcissus, seeing his own face reflected in a fountain, falls in love with himself and consequently despises the beautiful Eco.

Waterhouse has beautifully depicted Narcissus's reverie as he slumps to the ground looking down and totally oblivious to the highly desirable Echo, separated by a creek.

Her pose shows the frustration of unrequited love, a common theme in Victorian art and one of the artist's favorite themes. The background of the landscape has an atmosphere that contrasts with the beautiful Echo.

This painting represents the tragic scene between 'Echo and Narcissus' exposed in the Metamorphoses of the Roman poet Ovid. There, the protagonist Narcissus falls in love with his own reflection while Eco stands speechless in despair, watching helplessly from afar.

This is a favorite Kuadros masterpiece that can adorn the wall of your home and become a topic of conversation with your friends for years to come!

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