Horses On The Porch

size(cm): 40x45
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German battle painter Adam Albrecht was originally known for accompanying Napoleon's march to Moscow. The events that occurred in Russia left a painful impression on the artist. On his return to Munich in 1815, he decided to give up battle painting and move to a calmer landscape with animals.

After the first successfully sold work, he begins to receive offers from royal and noble houses of the court to draw their pets, mostly Arabian horses. One such order was "Horses on the porch", which brought its artist immense popularity in this direction.

In this work, the artist immortalized two purebred Arabian horses on the porch of a hunting lodge. In those days, breeds and foxes were popularly hunted, and in the picture we see three tired hunting dogs and horses, still untouched by slaughter, waiting for their time. Albrecht in this picture skillfully combines elements of a hunting still life and an ordinary landscape.

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