Paumgartner Altar (Central Panel)

size(cm): 40X30
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The painting Paumgartner Altar (Central Panel) by Albrecht Dürer is a masterpiece of the German Renaissance that has captivated art lovers for centuries. This artwork is a triptych consisting of three panels, with the center panel being the most prominent.

Dürer's artistic style is characterized by precision and attention to detail, and this is clearly reflected in the Paumgartner Altar painting. The composition of the work is impressive, with a large number of figures that intertwine in a complex and dynamic scene. The perspective and depth of the painting are remarkable, creating a sense of space and movement.

Color is another prominent aspect of the Paumgartner Altar painting. Dürer uses a rich and vibrant color palette, which brings a sense of life and energy to the work. Gold and red tones predominate in the painting, giving it a majestic and ceremonial air.

The history of the Paumgartner Altar painting is fascinating. It was commissioned by the Paumgartner family, one of the richest and most powerful families in Nuremberg in the 16th century. The work was created for the family chapel in the Church of St. Lawrence in Nuremberg, where it remained for more than three centuries.

One of the lesser known aspects of the Paumgartner Altar painting is its symbolism. The work depicts the Ascension of Christ into heaven, and each figure in the painting has a specific meaning. For example, the angels surrounding Christ symbolize divine glory, while the apostles represent the Church.

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